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Information Ownership in the Cloud

This research topic addresses the likely expectations of those involved in a cloud computing relationship about information ownership, and attempts to identify how closely the current legal framework matches those expectations. It also identifies the categories of information which are likely to be generated in a cloud computing relationship, and analyses how is that information is likely to be owned.

Forthcoming work on this topic will examine the terms of service of cloud computing providers to identify the range of approaches to the question of information ownership, and will analyse the effects of consumer protection laws on those terms.

Version 1 of the paper by Prof Chris Reed reporting on this research is available via SSRN.

This version has been published (with minor changes) in a book - Gloria Teixeira & Ana Sofia Carvalho (eds), Os 10 Anos de Investigação (Almadina: Coimbra 2010) 135-159, ISBN 978-972-40-4225-1

An updated and extended version is in preparation.

The slides for a presentation by Prof Reed on this research are also available.

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