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Cloud computing (also known as 'the cloud') is essentially a means of providing computing resources as a service via the Internet. The cloud market is evolving rapidly with major investments being made in infrastructure, platforms, and applications, all delivered 'as a service'. The demand for cloud resources is enormous, with numerous growth drivers including the very large scale deployment of mobile apps, the rapid emergence of the Internet of Things, widespread use of data analytics, and the emergence of technologies such as cloud-based machine learning and robotics. The overall commercial and societal impact of the cloud is substantial. Nevertheless, there is currently considerable uncertainty as to the legal and regulatory status of several essential aspects of cloud computing.

The QMUL Cloud Legal Project (CLP) aims to reduce that uncertainty via the production and dissemination of an extensive range of scholarly yet practical research papers. The CLP was established in 2009 with generous financial support from Microsoft Corporation. The CLP team is based at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London. CCLS has extensive relevant expertise and experience and has a leading reputation in all aspects of computer and communications law and regulation. Learn more about the members of the QM Cloud Legal Project team and read our explanation of cloud computing.

Who is funding this project?

The QMUL Cloud Legal Project is funded primarily via generous charitable donations from Microsoft, with additional support from the European Commission. Our research is academically independent of Microsoft, the European Commission and any other funding body.


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